Promoting centralized resources and streamlined processes for research specimens aimed at accelerating the next-generation of diagnostics ​​​​​and therapeutics. The Biospecimen Services Program (BSP) provides education centric to biospecimen and data utilization, as well as research compliance among scientists.

Next Generation Biobanking

Biobanks are essential to helping us advance research into human biology and accelerate the discovery of potential biomarkers for cutting-edge therapeutics and diagnostics. Much like libraries filled with books, biobanks are filled with biological specimens and data, which can provide scientists with access to wealth of information about human body. UCSF Biospecimen Services Program (BSP) is leading the efforts in establishing the next generation of technology and infrastructure to improve access to the library of samples and data. 

BSP is dedicated to providing infrastructure, services, and training to support research requiring biospecimens. We provide end-to-end support of the full biospecimen life cycle, including broad future-use sampling, assay-specific optimization, cold-chain logistics, and compliance and regulatory expertise. BSP offers the next-generation of resources and tools for electronically consenting participants and tracking all EHR data and transomic annotations relevant to the biospecimens in a central virtual ecosystem. As part of its efforts to promote diversity in research, the program spans across the San Francisco area, with coverage also at the Zuckerberg San Francisco Hospital and the Department of Veterans Affairs, to support under represented and vulnerable populations. BSP provides a broad array of infrastructure support centric to biobanking that will be of direct benefit to your researchers and investigators.

Value Add

High-quality biospecimens are a cornerstone of the world-class biomedical research being achieved at UC San Francisco and are essential for precision medicine, a key priority for UCSF. The mission of the UCSF Biospecimen Services Program (BSP) is to support excellence in biobanking activities and provide high-quality human biospecimens and data for research.

The BSP Program facilitates the development of precision medicine by increasing the number, quality, and value of biospecimens available for research at UCSF. It works across the campus to strengthen and coordinate UCSF’s biobanking activities and provides a suite of biospecimen-related services and infrastructure to UCSF investigators.