About Us


The BIOS Program provides UCSF with infrastructure and services for biobanking, an important capability in precision medicine research. The program aims to facilitate biomedical discovery by increasing the number, quality and value of biospecimens available for research at UCSF and to harmonize the campus’s diverse biobanking activities. It provides a suite of services and resources to assist UCSF investigators in performing outstanding research.



The BIOS Program’s initiatives include:

  • Building a specialized team that acquires biospecimens according to precise researcher requirements and best practices for specimen processing and quality control
  • Creating a process by which leftover biological samples are banked for research
  • Implementing a software system that ensures better annotation, tracking and management of specimens and integrates with systems that link clinical and genomic data
  • Giving researches access to a virtual biobank that provides a full view of the biospecimens present at UCSF