Biospecimen Services
All-inclusive services supporting clinical, translational, and basic life sciences vital to our understanding of human biology. We are committed to providing quality custodianship of biospecimens, including acquisition, processing, cold-chain logistics, storage, and retrievals.

Due to the ongoing United Auto Workers (UAW) strike, studies requiring United Parcel Services (UPS) shipments have been impacted since November 14th. UPS has indicated their drivers will not cross the picket line and have halted the pick-up and delivery of packages from all UCSF campuses. The duration of the strike currently remains unknown. Frozen samples will be stored safely onsite until further notice. Study teams should be prepared to make alternate arrangements for same-day sample shipments.

For more information, please contact Kirsten Mowry at [email protected].

Quality is Paramount

The lifecycle of each specimen is tracked from consent and acquisition through processing to storage and distribution. Specimen chain of custody is maintained so that if materials need to be returned for diagnostic purposes, the correct patient identification is assured. Each biospecimen and any derivatives are tied to the IRB approved protocol and signed informed consent, ensuring that every sample banked or distributed was obtained with the proper authorization. Preanalytical specimen condition and handling is annotated and any deviations or failures are investigated and documented.