Acquisition & Processing
Centralized pipeline for sample collections in clinics from patients and research participants. One-stop shop for standardized sample lab processing of human specimens obtained for research.


Biospecimen acquisition is coordinated and performed by a team of specialists. Members of the acquisition team receive specialized training pertaining to the tissue handling, dissection and sectioning procedures and are vetted by the Pathology Department. The team is trained with collection protocols for all disease groups served by the BIOS Program and operates under the supervision of a senior certified pathologist assistant.

The specialist acquisition team provides a dedicated contact to the surgical teams for precise custodial tracking with Pathology, optimal specimen quality for specific cellular and analyte requirements, and coordinating multiple requests for limited tissue specimens.

By utilizing the team's services, research/disease team groups that are located at multiple campus sites can procure tissue at any of the Mission Bay, Parnassus and Mt. Zion sites without disruptive staff movements. Materials obtained from one site can be processed and temporarily stored at that site or moved for processing and storage to another site via our network of couriers.


The overall goal of research tissue acquisition is to provide biospecimens with handling/processing annotation, histologic quality assurance, and links to IRB protocols. Whenever possible, blood is collected and processed to be paired with solid tissue collection.

Tissue Processing - histology services are provided for routine tissue biospecimen QA/QC.

Solid Tissue Rapid Freezing Methods

Solid Tissue Formalin Fixed-Paraffin Processed/Embedded

Fresh/Viable Tissue Procurement

Biofluid Processing

​​​​​Tissue Sectioning and Slide Staining​​