Tissue Biomarker Technology Core
Providing state-of-the-art tissue biomarker histologic detection and image analyses for both human and mouse tissue biospecimens

Immunohistochemistry/ Immunofluorescence/ In Situ Hybridization

Computer-Assisted Automated Slide Preparation System - Ventana Discovery Ultra

  • Multiple modalities for biomarker detection - IHC/IF/RNA ISH with 30 programmable thermopads
  • Chromogenic IHC with multiple levels of detection sensitivity/amplification
  • Chromogenic IHC with both opaque and multiple translucent colors
  • Immunofluorescent detection with 5 dyes + DAPI
  • Custom chromogenic/ fluorescence multiplexing
  • Facilitation of protocol development for novel antibodies

Biomarker Menu for Clients [view PDF]

Automated Whole Slide Scanning Systems

Zeiss Axioscanner Z1
  • Calibration system guarantees constant output over time and across multiple platforms
  • Both 1"x3" and 2"x3" slides can be accommodated -- 100 slides total
  • Multiple contrasting methods can be used: BF, FL with Ring Aperture Contrast system
  • 2.5X, 5X, 10X, 20X, 40X objective scanning
  • Nine fluorescent channels: Cy7; Cy5; Red 610; Alea 594/Texas Red/RFP; Cy3; FITC/GFP; DCC/Coumarin; Rhodamine 6G/ DAPI
  • SPECTRAX NIR Tunable LED illumination system
  • High resolution z-stack and extended focus imaging for thick sections
  • Orca Flash 4.1v2 & Hitachi (Hv-F202f) color cameras
Perkin Elmer Vectra Whole Slide Analytical System
  • BF or FL (multi-spectral/color) with 5 filter cubes: FITC/AF488; Cy3/TITC/AF555; DAPI; AF594/Texas Red; Cy5/-ET
  • Camera nematic liquid crystal tunable Lyot filter provides electronically tunable wavelength (440-720mm)
  • Compute Pure Spectrum algorithm for near-total elimination of auto-fluorescence
  • Six-slide automated acquisition (1"x3" slides)
  • Six marker multiplexing capability
  • Vectra/Phenochart image capture/image viewer/annotation software